The willingness to give a lot of time and energy to the plants because they are important is one major trait about Viola that could get your eyes on stalks. Taking a glimpse of her small garden filled with nothing but over three hundred trees is such a majestic sight. After the few minutes stroll through her garden, we got to learn about the different tree species she has managed to plant in her small garden. She also showed us the tress she had planted recently and those from a while back. This is truly exceptional and commendable work from such young girl.

Who is Viola?

Viola is a junior high student at Mida primary (one of the partner schools that we actively work with). She lives in Mida, a village in Kilifi County. She is one of the students who have been keen and really benefited from our environmental education classes. Her enthusiasm and her motivation to plant trees is drawn from the inner satisfaction of wanting to just sit under a tree shade and enjoy her time. She loves and appreciates the beauty that these trees provide to not only her homestead, but to the entire environment. Mother nature is the ultimate inspiration. 

Truly, walking through her garden, enjoying the fresh air, and hearing the leaves flip was such an amazing thing. I asked her why she is so dedicated to each plant and why keeping the count was so necessary. Her response was breathtaking, “My target is to plant 500 trees. I do the best I can with this small space I have. I am grateful that my grandfather graciously gave me this portion of land to plant these trees”. 

Where she get the trees

A Rocha Kenya in partnership with Kenya Community Development Fund (KCDF- an organization that aims to promote social justice and sustainable development of communities), and I&M bank foundation (which aims to deliver a positive impact to society through social investment programs and create shared value for its stakeholders). We have worked together to ensure that the young conservationist across the villages around Arabuko-Sokoke Forest like Mida get enough tree seedling for planting. We have a team whose work is to aid in this by teaching communities on how to care for the trees, how to water them, and on which trees are better suited for their soil. We provide them with both indigenous (for restoration) and exotic trees (for domestic use as they grow fast). Our aim is to achieve sustainable development and protection of the natural resources for, which in this case is Arabuko -Sokoke Forest and the Mida-Creek, against exploitation and destruction. 

We are encouraged to see such young and vibrant conservationists take on this noble course. Whether it is through participating in their environmental clubs or by taking a step further and planting their own tree gardens, it is encouraging. Viola is one of the many young students who benefit from our work with the community. We welcome anyone who would love to partner with us so that together we can  continue empowering the communities as we gear them towards sustainable development.