Betty kadzo

Head of hospitality

My name is Beatrice Kadzo Chea. From high school I did not have the passion to do hospitality as I have always wanted to be a teacher. On one day after I had procured and shopped for the equipment and books, I needed in order to study education, I received a call from Garoda for an interview that would secure me a scholarship from the rotary club of Watamu. The scholarship speculated a major requirement that Hospitality and Tourism management was a must -do course. A course which I really didn’t like as my father was in this industry and during the low season, he would be rendered jobless.

It took my supervisors and my mentors’ intervention to convince me about the possibility of having a job out of this course. By God’s grace through the scholarship I was able to complete my 4 years study at Pwani University from the year 2013-2017.I heard about A Rocha Kenya from a friend Pauline(the former Hospitality director) who also studied at Pwani university guided me through the job application.

Part of my job involve Welcoming guests, one noble role that I have come to appreciate and learn more on how to interact with people from different places which has played a major role in building my confidence and soft skills and one thing I have learnt in my role in the hospitality department is that family is a vital part of human existence and A Rocha Kenya has made me realize just how adorable it is for people to embrace the community aspect not only when we want to execute social change but also because it is part of us , part of who we truly are.

Fun fact, I feel like crying whenever I am saying goodbye to guests who often become part of family and sometimes makes it hard for me to let them go. On my free time I love learning new languages and I am making quite significant improvement on my Italian accent; I love walking by the beach and socializing with people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds.

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