Community Capabilities and Marine Protected Areas

12th October 2021

The launch of the marine governance programme in 2019 presented an opportunity for A Rocha Kenya to work in collaboration with the University of St Andrews and Kenya Wildlife Service in better conserving the Watamu Marine Protected Area (WMPA). We deployed a governance baseline approach which involved identifying and addressing governance issues of the WMPA by engaging all key stakeholders. This approach recognises the solutions to these challenges lie with the communities who experience them.

This report summaries the work we have done the past two years with lots of lessons learnt from deployment of the approach. A major highlight of this work is that it has presented an opportunity to form working groups to enhance the implementation of the WMPA Management plan (2016-2026).

We hope the lessons presented here will be useful to take our work forward and provide opportunities for collaborations.

Many thanks to the Global Challenges Research Fund who provided the funding for this exciting project and to all our project partners.

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