Education for Environmental Educators

28th March 2018
March 2018, Mwamba saw a lot of teachers focusing on environmental education. First, we had two groups of Kenyan teachers. Then officers from A Rocha across Africa.

A Friday evening twelve Kenyan teachers arrived at Mwamba for the weekend for an Environmental Education workshop organised with A Rocha International (ARI).

Following a presentation on Plastic Pollution, we visited Eco-World, a local recycling centre, to see some unusual and inspirational uses of recycled materials. The next day a visit to the local rockpools revealed the wildlife that school children would see when they visited. The Sustainable Development Goals and a session on Climate Change were also included.

The workshop was repeated the following weekend for another group of teachers.


A Rocha officers from all over Africa

As they left on Sunday, Environmental Education Officers from A Rocha’s African organisations (AROs) in Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria arrived for a week-long conference. It was a useful time to network and hear what had been happening in each of the AROs. Plastic pollution, ARI’s Microplastic Toolbox, recycling, and Sustainable Development Goals were on the agenda as well as explanations of the technologies supported by each of the AROs. We saw an injured turtle and heard more about the problems caused by plastic litter at Turtle Watch.

A demonstration of making a sack garden sparked lots of interest, including many A Rocha Kenya staff.

A highlight of the week was a traditional Kenyan dinner. All appreciated the warm welcome they received from A Rocha Kenya.

Angela McKay, Environmental Education Coordinator, A Rocha International. March 2018

Photos: Monicah Njambi, A Rocha Kenya


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