Welcome Jeremy and Laura!

22nd September 2021
Mwamba centre
We are pleased to introduce to you the newest members of our community, the Webb family!We are grateful to God for the continuous blessings He showers upon us. One of the latest being Jeremy and Laura Webb, who will be helping in the management of Mwamba Conservation Centre. Jeremy and Laura are from the UK. They have been married for close to 15 years and together they have three daughters. Phoebe (11yrs), Abigail (8yrs) and Joy (4yrs).
                                                                                       Background story.


Jeremy and Laura have always made a great team. Even though they are both born in the UK, they met in South Africa where they got married and spent most of their time. They have been pastoring a church and running a guest house for the past 15 years in South Africa. Together as a family, they do what God has called them to as a family. Therefore, managing Mwamba will be a family job.
As they start their journey at Mwamba, their hope is that they will be able to serve the vision and mission of A Rocha Kenya. They hope to do the best they can, even in the most subtle of ways to boost the efforts of everyone and encourage them to play their role.
What they hope for…..
During their stay in Mwamba, Jeremy and his family desire to encourage more visits from guests. The end result of this being increased

Joy (left), Abigael (right)

mobilization of resources needed to push the A Rocha agendas forward. The Webb’s hope that they will continue to build A Rocha Kenya into a family of people who cares for one another in and out of A Rocha. Above everything else, they pray that Jesus will be reflected at the centre of everything that happens in their term of service.

Looking forward……..
For our esteemed guests, our potential guests and volunteers, the Webb’s have got good plans for you. They hope when you do visit you will find a warm a family welcome. They pray that they will be able to set a loving and flexible atmosphere that will enable you to experience the full pleasure of your visit. That they will be able to hang out with you whenever you may need them and be able to serve you with every beautiful thing A Rocha Kenya has to offer. And at the end of it all, you will experience great transformation and leave with plans of coming back! From the Webb family and all of us here in A Rocha, we say KARIBU SANA!!!.
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