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8th December 2021
ASSETS | conservation

Every good story ever written always has hope for the future. That is why our story as A Rocha Kenya isn’t complete without a touch of Kuvuka. Kuvuka is the perfect representation of our hope. At Kuvuka, we raise the seed for the future we want to see, it is where we train the community and schools on how best to take action and make a difference. It is where we work to conserve what we still have and restore what has already been destroyed.

Exotic tree seedlings

Kuvuka is an initiative of the ASSETS program. It was established as a community training Centre on alternative livelihood like Farming God’s Way, Butterflies farming, tree nurseries and Bee keeping. This in the long run aims at reducing the community’s dependence on Arabuko-Sokoke Forest(ASF) hence reducing the destruction done.

The Centre also increases community involvement in the conservation process as the community members volunteer to help out once in a while. Trainings are held at Kuvuka on correct means of farming and awareness is created on the effects of cutting down trees in ASF. Prior to this, most indigenous trees in the forest were being cut down at an alarming rate and there was a thread of them becoming extinct. Now, through Kuvuka, trees from the tree nurseries are grown domestically by community members, schools and the rest used in reforesting ASF. Because people have their trees at home, there is increased forest coverage, less dependence on the forest and an alternative means of livelihood.

Community members during one of the training sessions

Over the years, Kuvuka has become a home base for tens of thousands of both indigenous and exotic seedlings. We have the Gift with a difference from A Rocha International(ARI) and funding from KCDF to thank for that. ARI’s gift with a difference provides funds for buying trees and planting them in wasted areas in the forests. Instead of buying the seedlings directly(which is way expensive), the funds are used to grow tree nurseries at Kuvuka instead. The seedlings from these nurseries are later planted in Arabuko-Sokoke forest. This method is much cheaper, convenient and produces way more tree seedlings. The seedlings also have a high survival rate since they are well taken care off by our able staff at Kuvuka.

The partnership from KCDF also provides additional funds. This results in increased production. This funding ensures provision of adequate water, manure and pays for the expenses encountered. From the KCDF partnership, we have a target of over 93000 trees raised and planted at the end of three years. So far, we have a total of 29 tree species at Kuvuka, 19 of which are indigenous trees. We have have close to 18000 tree seedlings ready for planting, just waiting for the rains!

Seeds for Indigenous trees

Trainings on Farming God’s way are also carried out at Kuvuka. Community members are educated on how to utilize their land well, ensure maximum production and reduced land wastage. If the land produce is high, there is less dependence on the Forest for daily needs. Farmers are taught how to use mulching to conserve water even in most extreme hot seasons. They are also taught on crop rotation to reduce pest infestation and on kitchen gardening. With an alternative source of meeting the daily needs, less damage is done to the forest by each passing year. We are still trying to invent more ways to cover a wider range and reach out to more people.

Even as we try over best to replant, trees are still being cut down in the forest. You can still be part of this and bring about a difference. Check out our Gift with a difference right over here for more details. Our thanks goes to ARI and KCDF for making this happen! Stay blessed.


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