Tana River Delta

Protecting the Tana River Delta and providing sustainable alternatives for local communities.

Leader: Colin Jackson

About the delta

The Tana River Delta is one of Kenya’s largest and most important freshwater wetland systems both rich in wildlife and with a significant local community of cattle herders and others dependent on it and who have done so for centuries.  However, it is under serious threat. A number of large-scale projects have been proposed including turning wetlands into sugarcane plantations and rich natural woodland into “eco-friendly” bio-fuel crops.  A Rocha Kenya works with other partners to implement conservation initiatives to protect the delta and provide sustainable alternatives for local communities.

Tana River Delta

... the delta [is] one of the key sites in the country for waterbird conservation

BirdLife International

How sweet is Tana's sugar?

In this film, investigative journalist Joseph Abuje examines the potential impacts of the Tana sugar plantations on biodiversity and local communities.

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