How to get to Mwamba

Travelling from Nairobi

By private vehicle via Mombasa:

Pass Kilifi and after about 30-40 km reach a junction on your right beside a OilLibya petrol station at a place called Gede. Turn right here and follow road for about 7 km to a T-junction just after passing through a village with speed bumps. Turn right. Pass Turtle Bay Beach Club on the left (also with speed bumps) and continue for about.2.5 km till you see a sign on the left for ‘Plot 28 A Rocha Kenya’. Turn in here and go to the end – the centre is the property on the left at the end.

By public means:

Direct bus from Nairobi to Malindi – Modern Coast and Mash companies both have direct busses that you do not have to change in Mombasa with. Alight at Gede junction at the OilLibya petrol station which is about 20 mins before Malindi (ask the conductor to tell you if you are unfamiliar with the area). From here take a matatu to Watamu and alight at Turtle Bay. You can either then take a bike taxi (Ksh 50), tuc tuc (3-wheeler taxi – Ksh 250) or a taxi (Ksh 300) to Plot 28 – Mwamba / A Rocha Kenya.

Book your seat at least 24 hrs in advance to avoid getting lumped with a back row seat – very uncomfortable (from experience!!). This is also good for getting back to Nbi. You can book Modern Coast online if you have Mpesa on your phone:

If you want to visit some of the places en route, best to either take an organised safari or hire a car since the National Parks can only be entered by vehicle and no public transport goes into them. Amboseli is beautiful but a little off-course unless you have your own car / personalized safari. Tsavo West is easier and Tsavo East even more – but again you’ll need your own vehicle. Options for good local freelance guides who could organize your trip down and accompany you if you wanted are:

Chege: [email protected]

Kariuki: [email protected]

By train:

A great way to travel. Only goes to Mombasa and only operates three days a week these days. You would therefore need to get public transport from Mombasa to Watamu (express matatu is Ksh 350 from “Buxtan” part of town – best to get a taxi to there from the station; it takes 2-2½ hours to Gede). We would not recommend Third Class, but Second class on train is perfectly fine. You share a compartment with 3 other passengers – but they don’t mix male and female, and it’s normally not a problem. The only thing to watch for is when you go to dinner not to leave your valuables in the compartment (1st or 2nd class!). It’s great to take the train on the way UP to Nairobi as you wake in the morning as you cross the Athi plains and have zebra, Thompsons Gazelle, giraffe etc near the train and it’s cool and very beautiful…

Flying – Companies flying to Malindi & Mombasa:

Kenya Airways: Daily, from & to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nbi; sometimes have special rates but otherwise sometimes the cheaper option. Book online at flies daily in high season, sometimes twice daily, somewhat randomly in low season; out of International Airport, Nbi and at some times of the year out of Wilson Airport, Nbi (nearer to town than International Airport as well; book online at

Air Kenya: Daily in high season, only a few days a week at other times – best to check the website for options. Flies out of Wilson Airport Nairobi; sometimes cheap deals; can book on line – cheaper to do so than through an agent:

We recommend that you fly to Malindi airport as it is only 20-30 minutes away. The simplest way to get from here to Mwamba is by taxi. If you are on a budget though, you can get up to Turtle Bay Beach Club using a matatu (KES 80) and then take a taxi (KES 200-300) or a tuk-tuk (KES 100) the final 2 km to Mwamba (Plot 28).

From Mombasa, the best option is to use a taxi (KES 6000-8000).

Map of how to get to Mwamba

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