Faith and marine conservation

Faith and Marine Conservation

We will be gathering and creating resources to help those who follow Jesus to think theologically and act Biblically related to the ocean. If you know of resources or want to contribute, please let us know.

Our Faith and Ocean Bibliography has details of book chapters, articles, and other resources that focus on a Christian perspective on the ocean.

Here is a sermon focusing on marine biodiversity that was preached by Dr Robert Sluka at Dorchester Abbey in the UK.

Hope for the Ocean. A new booklet published by Grove Books. Christians are growing in their understanding of the relationship between their faith and caring for the environment. Yet for most, when they think of “the environment,” they are mainly thinking about the land and forget that 70% of our planet is underwater! What does the Bible say about the ocean? What are some of the ways in which we are reducing God’s glory in this part of His creation? What can we do about it? How does it impact our neighbours or the nations? I’ve written an introduction to this topic in a book entitled “Hope for the Ocean: Marine Conservation, Poverty Alleviation and Blessing the Nations.” My hope is that you will read it and be inspired to find ways to glorify God and love your neighbour through caring for an ocean near you – Robert Sluka, Director, Marine Conservation Programme, A Rocha Kenya

Marine conservation in the Bible? While the Bible does not use those words directly, it does speak to this topic. Come explore what the Bible has to say. This is an inductive Bible study focusing on Genesis 1:20-31. We supply the questions, you supply the answers. If you discover something interesting, please let us know.

The most recent A Rocha Environment Resource Pack contains many useful tools for meetings and church services. Check out ‘Home: a view from the reef‘ which is a presentation focused on the home as viewed by marine creatures.

What is the purpose of marine research and conservation? Download Robert Sluka’s July 2014 talk at the ASA/CIS/CSCA meeting at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada entitled ‘The Hidden Things of God in the Ocean

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