Deforestation, the purposeful clearing of forest land, is one of the human activities that lead to the loss of habitat. In Dakatcha woodland in Magharini constituency Kilifi County, poverty is the biggest contributor to the deforestation of the woodland.

Trees cut down in the forest.

The habitat is a crucial residence of various endangered species such as the Sokoke Scops Owl (Otus ireneae), Clarke’s weaver (ploceus goladi) and Golden Rumped Elephants shrew (Rhynchocyon chrysopygus).

Sokoke scops owl

It is through this that A Rocha Kenya is carrying out a habitat assessment in the A Rocha Dakatcha Nature Reserve (ADNR) to evaluate the degree of damage in various habitats of the woodland. It involves a system of stratified random sampling where the entire area is first divided into different habitats and then from there, different random points are generated.

Our team of researchers then look for these points and collect the data on a 10-meter-research team then looks for these points and collects wide and 500-meter-long strip heading north.

Laureen,Eric and Katisho during the habitat assesment

Through this data, A Rocha can know the state of each habitat and thus change the narrative by using it as a basis for environmental conservation, creating more awareness, and continuing with restoration projects in the future.