Eric Kinoti Kiambi

Field Officer

My name is Eric Kinoti Kiambi. I studied Bachelor of Science (Wildlife Management), graduated in 2018 from Maasai Mara University.

I joined ARK as volunteer from Local Oceans Conservation in November 2022. Later as an intern and now as a field officer for Crows No More project. My role as a field officer for the Crow control program involve overseeing total alienation of the invasive Indian House Crow from Watamu, Malindi and Kilifi.
As a field officer my main job is researching on Crow feeding behaviour, studying and accessing their population dynamics(change) through quarterly crow counts.

I also keep the sponsors of the program updated. I am passionate about crow work as it requires me to think scientifically as I follow the crows to learn more about their resting, sleeping behaviours and feeding habits. It is also a large part of conservation work that is aimed at restoring ecological balance caused by the house crows which have harassed the native bird populations out of range.

I love working at A Rocha because it’s a conservation and christian organization a combination that is rare to find in this country. Working here at A Rocha Kenya not only helps me to build my skills in my profession but also provide a safe space for my spiritual nourishment through the bible studies that greatly get me down to study the scriptures and understand the word of God with clarity.
During my free time I enjoy bird watching, swimming, cycling, and listening to music.

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