Farming God’s way

A Rocha Kenya’s Ecosystem based Farming God’s Way is a tool for everyone to respond to God’s call to take care of His creation. For a long time the message of creation care has been ignored and this has had serious consequences on humans and the entire planet Earth; Food insecurity, Climate Change, loss of habitats and extinction of species- just to mention a few. Christ’s love is no longer being seen in us as we watch children dying from hunger and animals perishing from pollution and loss of habitats. We believe that Christ did not just come to save our lives alone but also the life of all that He created.

So we want to go back to the beginning and start with the garden. As a creation care tool, A Rocha Kenya practices and works with communities, schools, churches and people from all walks of life to promote Ecosystem based Farming God’s Way.


This is an innovation that not only focuses on increased food production but also addresses issues of biodiversity conservation. For example, did you know that there are trees that will give you fertilizer, act as pest repellents and pesticides, others will attract pollinators to your farm as well as give you medicine for your ailments? Did you know that you can improve your food production by minimizing your tillage; did you know that you can make your own natural fertilizers and pesticides from what is locally available in your neighborhood? All this is possible and this is what God wants. He wants us to eat healthy, spend less on production as we take care of His creation! – We believe this is what God meant when He said to Adam, ‘’ Work it and take care of it.”

In Kenya, A Rocha is spreading this message to the communities in all parts of Kenya with projects in Nairobi, Kajiado and Kilifi Counties through trainings. We conduct a series of two-day trainings quarterly to individual farmers, church leaders and general public. It covers the following topics:

  1. The Biblical perspective of farming and creation care.
  2. Ecological Interactions (Trees, birds, butterflies, ants, worms and their role in the farm)
  3. Principles and practice of conservation agriculture
  4. Natural ways of controlling pests and diseases
  5. Natural ways of boosting soil fertility including composting, liquid fertilizers, fertilizer trees among others.
  6. Energy saving at the house hold level

We are calling upon all to embrace this message and begin making a difference for there is still hope to restore God’s planet as the scripture says in  Romans 8:19 “ For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed”

Farming God’s Way in Dakatcha.DSCN7279

FGW was introduced in five communities within the Dakatcha woodland where habitat destruction is at the highest levels in 2014. The aim was to improve farmers’ livelihoods by increasing yields, income and turning them away from destructive practices such as slash and burn farming, poaching and the serious threat in charcoal burning.

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