Environmental education

A Rocha Kenya seeks to promote environmental education and implement practical conservation initiatives by working with schools, environmental groups, communities and churches. It provides opportunities for Kenyans to value and acquire a deeper understanding of the environment around Watamu and Malindi.

The existing programme has involved up to 56 primary and secondary schools around Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek but currently focusses intensive work on ten. A Rocha Kenya enjoys a good working relationship with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and activities are mostly done with the Wildlife Clubs in schools and have included guided field trips, puppet theatres, slide and video shows, art and writing competitions, games, debates, conservation festivals, tree planting, litter clean-ups, newsletters and trips to National Parks.

Kirosa Primary Wildlife Club members at the Dakatcha Nature Reserve

The environmental education programme is currently being expanded to also include adult education. This will focus on ways of using local materials, resources and alternative technologies to improve local people’s quality of life in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.


A peek into the marine life -Watamu Marine National Park 9th April 2021
Camping in the Dakatcha Woodlands 9th April 2021
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